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Malaysia Adhesive & Sealant Manufacturer: About Vital Technical

Vital Technical Sdn Bhd, established in August 2002, is one of the leading bonding & sealing solution providers in ASEAN.

We manufacture, package and distribute a wide range of high-quality adhesive, sealant and waterproofing products to cater for various market segments.

Specially formulated for the professionals, our comprehensive V-tech® range of adhesive, sealant and waterproofing products are the preferred solutions in the following categories:

  1. Hardware, Sanitary/ Plumbing
  2. Construction (Door / Windows / Façade)
  3. Waterproofing Materials
  4. Timber and Vinyl Flooring
  5. Industrial and Automotive Aftermarket (MRO)
  6. Consumer Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Our products are developed and manufactured at four manufacturing plants located in Selangor, just outside the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

These purpose-built facilities have a combined built-up area of 240,000 square feet and are ISO 9001:2015 QMS and ISO 14001:2015 EMS certified. They are equipped with modern laboratory and highly automated production lines that handle everything from mixing and compounding to filling and packaging.

Driven by our relentless pursuit of excellence, we have continuously invested in product research and development as well as quality improvement programmes to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction.

As a result, our world-class products are now exported to more than 70 countries around the world.

Aside from our house brands, we also provide private label or contract manufacturing services to discerning clients looking to outsource their production.


Vision Statement
“To excel as the top provider of bonding and sealing solutions in our target market segments”

Vital Technical is committed to excelling as the top provider of bonding and sealing solutions in our target market segments.

We shall have the flexibility and ability to provide solutions for focused applications and fulfill the specific needs of every customer. In doing so, we will always ensure that our products are of the highest quality and offer the best value and performance at all times.

We are committed to achieving product and service excellence in-line with our corporate slogan, “A Passion to Excel”. Therefore, we will be proactive and dynamic in building a solid reputation for our core adhesive, sealant and waterproofing business.

The “V-tech” brand with its tagline, “Formulated for the Professionals”, shall spearhead our market penetration initiatives throughout the world. Drawing on our distinctive and in-depth knowledge of the adhesive and sealant industry, we will strive to develop innovative and fairly priced solutions that will meet or surpass the expectations of our customers in target segments such as construction/building material, hardware, automotive, industrial and do-it-yourself (DIY).

Vital Technical aspires to consistently exceed the expectations of all stakeholders; suppliers, customers, employees and other interested parties. Hence, we will conduct ourselves in a way wholly consistent with our values.

Mission Statement

Vital Technical Group of Companies will always conduct itself in a professional, ethical and business-like manner with sound business, social & sustainability principles; clear business objectives, sustainable growth and profitability, customer-focused, socially responsible and environmentally friendly

Our Core Business

We will continue to focus our energy and resources to further enhance our core business, specifically to provide top quality bonding and sealing solutions that meet or exceed our customer requirements.

This includes a complete and integrated chain of activities that covers every step from consultation, research and development, production to marketing and distribution for both domestic and international markets.

Our Objective

Our goal is to contribute to the overall enhancement of “Quality of Life” by assisting our customers in providing top quality products used in the daily lives of people around the world.

We will endeavor to supply our products and services at a fair price, and at the same time ensuring a safe, clean and eco-friendly environment.

Creating Value

We aim to continue improving our market positions. To achieve this, we are committed to continuous development of our human resources. We will also pursue strategic acquisitions and alliances that will add value to the company.


A Passion to Excel

We support our employees in both their professional and personal developments, helping them to deploy their skills and creativity for their personal success and that of our business enterprise.

Our actions are guided by the knowledge that we can only remain competitive by adapting to the fast and ever-changing environment.

Respect for People and Nature

We acknowledge and accept our role as a socially and ethically responsible corporate citizen, and are committed to the principles of sustainable development.

Integrity, Honesty and Openness

We strive to earn the confidence of our stakeholders through quality, performance and reliability of our products and services, as well as through integrity, flexibility and openness in all our business dealings.

Customer Focus

Our customers remain the main focus of our activities. We will work closely with them in the spirit of sustainable partnership to create value for mutual growths.


Human Rights, Forced Labor and Child Labor

We observe the principles set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We strive to ensure that we are not complicit in human rights abuses. We shall, in all contexts, seek ways to honor the principles of internationally recognized human rights, even when faced with conflicting requirements. We strongly oppose any human beings trafficking. We strongly condemn forced or compulsory labor, child slavery and all practices that exploit children or expose them to harmful or hazardous conditions.

We strictly adhere to local laws regarding minimum age and other terms of employment. The minimum age for employment at Vital Technical Sdn Bhd shall be in accordance with the ILO Convention or the age specified by local legislation if higher.

We do not engage in or support the use of forced or compulsory labor and do not require any lodging deposits or the retention of identity documents upon commencing employment. We do not allow worker’s agent withhold any part of any worker’s salary, benefits, property or document in order to force such personnel to continue working for the company.

Personnel shall have the right to leave the workplace premises after working hours and free to terminate their employment in accordance with the Contract of Employment.

Conserving Environment and Reducing Energy Consumption

We are committed to conserving the environment by minimizing the impact of our business. We work to reduce the overall energy consumption in our factories and facilities, reduce our carbon emissions, and increase our use of energy from renewable sources. We comply with all relevant environmental laws, rules and regulations where we operate. We promptly address, or report to a manager or the Quality Assurance department, any noncompliant practice concerning water, air, electricity or internal or industrial waste.

Fair Competition

In all our relationship with customers, external suppliers and competitors we avoid arrangements or actions which restrict fair competition. Vital Technical employees shall not engage in any price fixing, bid rigging, allocation of markets or customers, or any other illegal anti-competitive practices.

Responsible Procurement

We will work with suppliers to ensure that our supply chains share our values. We are committed to the principles of sustainable development and aim to encourage our suppliers to adopt the values of sustainability which we uphold. Our Responsible Procurement Policy has the following principles:

1) Health & Safety – we expect our suppliers to adopt management practices in respect of Health & Safety which provide a high level of safeguarding for their workers.

2) Fair Business Practices – the Code of Conduct outlines the ethical standards and fair business practices by which Vital Technical conducts business and we expect our suppliers to adopt similar principles.

3) Environmental Protection – we expect suppliers to maintain effective policies, processes and procedures to manage their environmental impact.

4) Human Rights – we expect our suppliers to develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure all human rights in their business and to encourage their suppliers to do likewise.

Responsible Marketing

Vital Technical is committed to responsible marketing of our products. We pledge to align our commercial practices with our sustainability goals, our business goals, and our social responsibility values.

We build and maintain trust in our brands and our company by communicating with our suppliers, customers and consumers in a truthful and transparent manner. We will listen and respond positively to reactions of religious, ethnic, cultural or social groups to our advertising/marketing. In selecting media channels and formats for our advertising/ marketing, we avoid any media environment that promotes violence, pornography, racism or hatred toward others.

We will ensure a thorough and continuous compliance with our Responsible Marketing Policy.


Quality Policy Statement:

“We are committed to providing customers with quality assured products and services which meet or exceed applicable requirements, and achieving customer satisfaction through continual improvement and effective implementation of the quality management system by all interested parties”

Environmental Policy Statement:

“We are committed to protecting the environment, including prevention of pollution, through continual improvement and effective implementation of the environmental management system in activities related to our products and services, and ensure compliance with all applicable legislations, regulations & obligations”


At Vital Technical, we are committed to meeting or exceeding international health and safety standards and play our role in reducing any impact on the environment. Specifically, we have developed a comprehensive range of environmentally-friendly adhesives and sealants with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content.

Our pioneering range of ‘green’ products is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia that complies with the stringent specifications set by the Singapore Green Building Product Labelling Scheme (SGBPLS) and/or California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) regulations.


Assured Quality

All products from our world-class manufacturing facilities are results of extensive research and development programmes. Stringent quality controls are implemented at each production process to ensure consistently high-quality products that meet or exceed international standards.

Competitive Pricing and Superior Support

At Vital Technical, our world-class products are competitively priced for the global market. Today, we export to more than 70 countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin and North America.

In each market, our established and reliable distribution channels provide a good access to technical support, giving you a total peace of mind.

As the preferred bonding solutions specialist, our aim is to build a long-term and mutually rewarding partnership with our satisfied customers.

Malaysia Adhesive & Sealant Manufacturer: ISO certified

Code of Conduct