cPVC Solvent Cement

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CPVC Solvent Cement is a premium quality, orange color, high strength adhesive formulated for cPVC fitting and pipes bonding applications. It is ideal for hot and cold water pipes and industrial liquid handling. It is easy to use and offers superior bonding strength. Ideal for bonding and coupling of rigid cPVC pipes up to 150 mm diameter. Upon full cure, it is safe for drinking water, irrigation, waste water, sanitary pipes and conduit etc. The direction of uses is surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, oil or water. Roughen mating surfaces to the full depth of socket using medium glass paper or emery cloth. Apply the solvent cement to both surfaces to be bonded with a dry, clean brush to give a uniform coating, with heavier coat at the pipe end. It will dissolve and soften the surfaces of the pipes and fitting. Assemble while cement is wet. When the pipes and fitting are assembled together, the softened surfaces mix and on hardening produce a chemically welded joint. Hold firmly for 30 seconds to allow initial bonding, then remove surplus solvent cement and should not be disturbed for 5 minutes. 12 hours for drying time should be allowed before working pressure, and 24 hours before testing to 1.5 working pressure