VT-626 Green Sealant

A low modulus sealant based on advanced MS Polymer technology. It is a single-component elastomeric sealant with superior weathering, UV and temperature resistance. This elastomeric sealant is permanently elastic upon curing.

Specially formulated to achieve superior performance and to be environmentally friendly, VT-626 is able to comply with the stringent requirements of Singapore Green Building Product Labelling Scheme (SGBPLS), Cleanroom Suitable Material (CSM) qualification and ASTM C920. It also gives good primer-less adhesion on most substrates.

Unlike polyurethane sealants, VT-626 is solvent-less and isocyanate-free; ensuring that the cured sealant will not shrink or have bubbling issues. It is also free of silicone oil, minimising building aesthetic issues caused by oil-staining and dirt-streaking problems often associated with silicone sealants.

  • Singapore Green Building Product Labelling Scheme (SGBPLS) endorsed
  • Cleanroom Suitable Material (CSM) ISO-ACCm Class -7.1 qualification.
  • ASTM C920 compliant
  • ±25 % movement capability
  • Good UV resistance
  • Paintable
  • Low static charge – Less dirt streaking
  • Silicone oil-free – Non-staining on adjacent substrates
  • Isocyanate-free – No air bubbling
  • Solvent-free – No shrinkage
  • Primerless bonding to most surfaces

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