VT-630 MS Flooring Adhesive

A wood flooring adhesive formulated with advanced MS Polymer technology, eliminating common problems associated with traditional polyurethane adhesives. It forms a waterproof and permanently elastomeric layer, allowing the wood floor to expand and contract repeatedly without an adhesion failure.

Designed to be eco-friendly, VT-630 is certified for Singapore Green Building Product Labelling Scheme (SGBPLS), a proven low VOC product that does not contain heavy metal, halogenated solvent, phalates or formaldehyde, hence no adverse effect on indoor air quality.

  • Single-component – Ready for use, no mixing required
  • Resistant to aging – Permanently elastomeric
  • Free of water, 100% solid content – No dimensional changes in wood
  • Free of solvent – Non-etching & no shrinkage
  • Non-hazardous
  • Notched trowel ridges hold firm – Minimize hollow spots by bridging gaps
  • Rapid strength build-up and short curing time – Fast job completion
  • Easy surface clean up – Easy cleaning on prefinished wood
  • Non-flammable, non-hazardous, stable shelf life – Easy storage

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